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Custom Manufacturing Service

Custom Manufacturing Process for Precision Metal Casting, Metal Fabrication and Plastic Molding
1: Send us the part drawings, materials, color, quantity and special requirements. If you only have a idea, you can provide a picture or send the samples to us, we will help you designed it and sent to you for confirmation.
2. Provide quotation according to all your requirements. We could discuss over emails or phone calls to improve the design, drawings, dimensions and materials, production process and package.
3: Sample confirmation: send the prototype or some samples for you to confirmation.
4: Mass production: move to mass production after your confirm to the prototype or the samples.
5: Quality inspection: The quality control and quality inspection of production process, and send the QC report to you.
6: Assembly and packaging
7: Delivery: Flexible delivery (delivery to your port, to your door, or directly to your clients)

Metal Fabrication Service (Custom Metal Fabricator)

Metal fabrication is a value added process of metal structures by cutting, bending/rolling, machining, surface treatment and assembling processes. Metal fabrication process usually start with item drawings (accuracy and workpiece dimension) then move to the metal fabrication stage and finally to the installation of the final project. We provides a high quality affordable custom metal fabrication solution according to customer requirements. Our services includes metal forging, metal welding, sheet metal fabrication, metal cutting, metal stamping, rolling/bending/forming service, cnc machining, edm machining, heat treatment and surface treatment.

Metal Casting Service

For the past 10 years, we have successfully exported many metal casting parts to worlds. We provide a variety of metal casting processes, including: sand casting, die casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting, investment casting, and precision casting. We offer reliable products & affordable price, and work with customer to choose the most suitable foundry supplier.
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Common materials: Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, Brass, Bronze, Copper Alloy, Zinc, etc.
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We support technical standards of metal casting, includes: ASTM, ANSI, SAE, DIN, and BS.

Carbon Steel Casting
Carbon Steel Casting
Iron Casting
Iron Casting
Stainless Steel Casting
Stainless Steel Casting

Plastic Molding Service

Huazhen is a professional supplier of precision plastic molding service in China. We carry out our quality control procedure strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008, which ensures that our products can meet the customer’s requirements. We has rich experience in multi-cavity molding with full hot runner system and half hot runner system. We are capable of manufacturing precise moulds with various dimensions and the complex moulds, also can accept large orders. We offer 4 types plastic molding for your choice: plastic injection molding, plastic rotational molding, plastic blow molding, plastic vacuum forming & plastic thermoforming.

We provides a high quality affordable metal casting, metal fabrication and plastic molding solution according to customer requirements. And we will ensure the following services: suitable materials, affordable cost, reliable quality, test report and stable delivery. We are able to utilize our low cost structures in China, and provide a low cost and reliable final metal fabrication product, lower than almost any other countries metal fabrication service supplier.
We also provide the following services:
1. Heat Treatment
Hardening, Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving, Softening, and Graphitization
2. Machining
Turning, Boring, Drilling, Milling, Threading, Grinding, Cutting, Engraving, EDM Machining, Riveting
3. Surface Treatment
Metal Polishing (Metal Mirror Polished, Brushed Metal Finishing), Shot Blasting, Sandblasting, Spray Painting, Powder Coating, Thermal Spraying, Anodizing, Chrome Plating, Nickel Electroplating / Electroless Nickel Plating, Hot-Dip Galvanizing, Copper Plating, Phosphorizing, Electrophoresis and Passivation
4. Assembly
Stud, Steel Sall & Helicoil Inserts, O-ring, Gasket
5. Packing
6. Testing Report, QC Report