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About Us

We are professional sourcing & manufacturing company with an established network of over 100 plastic molding, metal casting and metal fabrication factories in China. We supply high quality products solution and service to North America, Europe and around the world. We are able to utilize our low cost structures in China, and provide a low cost and reliable final product, lower than almost any other countries manufacturer. Our experienced team of English-speaking project managers, engineers and QA specialists acts as our customers' China liaison to manage sourcing & manufacturing projects. We run cost reduction analysis, execute custom manufacturing in China and ship products to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

Main Products & Services:
1. Plastic Molding: plastic injection molding, rotational molding, blow molding, thermoforming
2. Metal Casting: die casting, sand casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, investment casting (lost wax casting), lost foam casting, shell mold casting, vacuum casting and precision casting.
3. Metal Fabrication: sheet metal fabrication, metal forging, metal cutting, CNC machining, metal stamping, rolling/bending/forming, metal welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly‎.

Our Advantages:
We focus on custom manufacturing, and professional engineers to support the exporting service. Our engineers very familiar with the international grades and standards, they are has been working in exporting area for almost a decade now.
Compared to many Chinese sourcing & manufacturing companies or B2B website, we provide a broader and more comprehensive services based on our many years of project management experience. So we are more stable, more reliable, and have less resource constraints. We don't just consult or broker deals, we are heavy in execution and guarantee quality.
1. Customized Solution: complete according to customer requirements.
2. Low cost implementation and cost control: Compared to US and Europe factories, China more than 30% cheaper.
3. Master English and experienced engineers is absolutely necessary in custom manufacturing. (Many low-cost China manufacturers was incapable deal with foreigners)
4. Control Risk: Manufacturer qualification examination (capacity, equipment, enterprise scale, certificate, QA test, confidentiality agreement, etc.)
5. One-stop Service: For products already made in China, we can locate the factories and link you directly with them. If a product is not made in China yet, we can facilitate a chinese manufacturing transfer (You'll provide specs, drawings, samples, photos...). And we manage manufacturing, QA, custom clearance and ship products from China to your port, to your door, or directly to your clients.
6. Transparency: you are welcome to visit the actual manufacturers in China and discuss requirements with mold makers directly.

Maybe you have some question about the following:
Why to cooperate with us?
There are many excellent factories in China, but dealing with Chinese factories requires a lot of experience in terms of effective communications (language, culture, interpersonal relationship and national policies), product quality control process (material requirement, processing technologies, mid-production and end product quality testing), shipping and export management. So using a professional company like Huazhen will help you sourcing products from China with much less hassle and even lower cost!

Do I pay more working with you than going straight to factories?
The answer is "NO." In several ways you end up paying less to work with us!
1. Many low-cost and excellent China factories don't deal with buyers directly; they are represented by agents. (language service capability or export management capability)
2. May be many Chinese factories have export departments, but you will notice that using a professional sourcing agent is lot more efficient than dealing with factories directly. When you try to find a product, you know that it could be made by many factories, not just one factory. Instead of searching them one by one, you can use a professional agent to bring you the right choice at once!
3. A professional agent knows how to control production quality, and substantially minimize your business risks!
Overall, we not compete with factories to reach customers, we assist the factories and lower your costs in whole export business.

How about quality control?
A. We have a dedicated QA team
Our experienced team of English-speaking project managers, engineers and QA specialists acts as our customers' China liaison to manage sourcing & manufacturing projects.
B. Samples test or small batch run before mass order.

What is Huazhen role if the products are not of sufficient quality?
We'll manage problem solving, root-cause-analysis, and be constantly on top of the factory to redo the products. Often, we play the role of the buffer or lubrication, so that the factory and customer can have a working relationship and avoid gridlock.

Can I visiting the factories?
Welcome! We encourage you to come and experience the booming economy in China.
We can provide as follows:
1. Translator and advisors.
2. Scheduling of meetings and factories visits.
3. Transportation service
4. Hotel service