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Plastic Molding

Maxtech has variety of tonnage injection molding machines, large, medium and small ton. We carry out our quality control procedure strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008, which ensures that our products can meet the customer’s requirements. We has rich experience in multi-cavity molding with full hot runner system and half hot runner system. We are capable of manufacturing precise moulds with various dimensions and the complex moulds, also can accept large orders.

Plastic Mold Make and Design in House

We Offer:
1. Plastic Toys Manufacturing & Sourcing
2. Medical Plastic Manufacturing & Sourcing
3. Precision Injection Molding (Small Components)
4. Injection Molding for Electronics
5. Injection Molding for Automotive
6. Plastic Co-Injection Molding
7. Vacuum Forming (Thermoforming Plastic)
8. Rotational Molding
9. Plastic Blow Molding
10. Biodegradable
11. Cosmetics Packaging

Our Advantages:
1. Lower Mold Cost: Compared to U.S. or Europe factories, Chinese mold tooling costs are drastically (50% or more) lower.
2. Control Risk: We help you pre-qualify plastic molder by visiting on-site. We monitor mold production constantly and inspect quality before shipment.
3. Good engineering communication is absolutely necessary in custom manufacturing (especially plastic mold design).
4. Transparency: you are welcome to visit the actual plastic molding manufacturers in China and discuss requirements with mold makers directly.
5. Better access to good plastic molding factories: Most Chinese plastic factories don't have abilities to deal with foreigners, especially the low-cost mold makers. Most factory owners, even though they don't know English, are responsible, reasonable and ethical.
6. Convenience: We manage custom clearance and ship plastic products or plastic molds from China to your door.

Over the years, we have built ties with different kinds of plastic molders in China.
For example:
1. Some are good with food-grade products, even FDA approved.
2. Some are great for small-volume, market-testing type products.
3. Some have machines to mold very large products.
4. Some take very good care of the cosmetic features of the product.
5. Some can produce precision products at very tight tolerance.
6. Some can mold special plastics like those supplied by GE and DuPont.
Most factory owners, even though they don't know English, are responsible, reasonable and ethical.

Our purpose is to provide quick estimation of mold price. We have kept it as simple as possible. It is applicable for most cases, the result is usually within 50% of market price. Maxtech takes total responsibility for plastic mold development and mass production. To start, simply email us your product drawings and requirements. Maxtech is a professional plastic molding factory in China. We offer a reliable and low cost plastic molding solution, such as: injection molding, rotational molding, blow modling, vacuum forming and thermoforming.
We also provide the following services:
1. Metalworking Service, Metal Casting Service, CNC Machining and EDM Machining Service
2. Heat Treatment:
Hardening, Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving, Softening, and Graphitization
3. Surface Treatment:
Metal Polishing (Metal Mirror Polished, Brushed Metal Finishing), Shot Blasting, Sandblasting, Spray Painting, Powder Coating, Thermal Spraying, Anodizing, Chrome Plating, Nickel Electroplating / Electroless Nickel Plating, Hot-Dip Galvanizing, Copper Plating, Phosphorizing, Electrophoresis and Passivation
4. Assembly
5. Packing
6. Testing Report, QC Report