• Twin Screw Extruder
  • Non Ferrous Metal Casting ProcessNon-ferrous castings can be applied to military, high-speed rail, ship, engineering machinery, pump industry, semiconductor equipment, wind power, power station and electrical equipment as well as other fields....
  • Extruder applications
  • Ferrous Metal Casting ProcessFerrous metal casting has wide adaptability, which can be used for small, large, simple and complex parts. The sand casting process is also applicable to the production of engine bearer, engine manifolds, cylinder cover and gear box in automobiles, lathes, shipbuilding and locomotive industries....
  • Screw Feeders
  • Free Forging

    Free forging, a kind of forging, utilizes impact force or pressure to make metal deformed freely in any direction between the upper and lower anvil face, without any restriction to obtain the desired shape....

  • Granulator
  • Die ForgingDie forging uses dedicated mold to make metal forming. This forging process provides a near shape of the part with a powerful grain structure. Since the basic shape of the part is obtained by pressure, much less material is lost in the forging and secondary machining processes.
  • Electronic Control System
  • Aluminum Alloy CastingsAluminum die castings are produced by the use of precision investment casting or lost wax casting process. We can manufacture intricate precision machined products that many other foundries are unable to produce. All our aluminum alloy casting molds are built exclusively by hand...
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Copper Alloy Investment CastingsCopper alloy castings can be used for applications such as bearings, bushings, gears, fittings, valve bodies, and miscellaneous components for the chemical processing industry. This casting process is primarily used in automotive and aerospace applications...
ZZ Group Non-Ferrous Casting Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010, Shanghai ZZ Group Non-Ferrous Casting Co., Ltd. is a domestic joint-stock enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sale of casting process, forging process and precision machining. The headquarters is Shanghai ZZ Group Forging Co., Ltd., which was established in 2002 and located in the development zone of eastern Shanghai.

Our company has the capacities to carry out casting process (including sand casting, gravity casting, low-pressure casting and centrifugal casting), forging process (like free forging and die forging) as well as precision machining.

Our products like casting process involve in many fields, such as military, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, pump industry, semiconductor equipment, wind power, power station and electrical equipment.

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